About Us

The History of Sew Shore - Naples, FL.

We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, and quality.
Our services are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.

  • History

    Established in 1986, Sew Shore was Naples, Florida’s first embroidery business. In it’s original location, in Grand Central Station in downtown Naples, Sew Shore was exclusively an embroidery shop.  Sew Shore’s custom embroidery lead to inquiries for uniforms and further needs for local business uniforms.  Sew Shore expanded operations and began providing alteration services and carried the area’s first collection of uniforms.  Throughout the years, Sew Shore has continued to improve and expand embroidery and uniform operations.  Currently, Sew Shore has a 6,000sqft retail & embroidery facility on Beck Blvd. in Southeast Naples, and a 1,700sqft uniform store in North Naples, FL.

    Sew Shore’s parent company is, locally owned, United Uniforms USA, Inc.  Sew Shore now provides the “services” side of business such as embroidery, screen printing, graphic design, alterations, and promotional products.  United Uniforms provides the “goods” and retail aspect of the business such as uniforms for local businesses, medical scrubs, law enforcement and fire department uniforms, school uniforms, and apparel for salons and spas.

  • Our Approach

    At Sew Shore, we approach our customers with complete transparency and honesty.  Oftentimes, we walk potential customers through our operation to educate them on the process and ensure them that all services are completed on site.  Most importantly, we listen to our customers wants and needs.  We can work with any budget, concept, or goal in mind.  Our educated staff will find the perfect look, and the perfect fit for your needs.

  • Our Promise

    At Sew Shore, we promise quality and integrity.  We are the trusted uniform providers for Collier County Sheriff’s Office, all local Fire Departments, and all local hospitals.  Our 30 years of service in Collier County is no fluke.  We stand by our quality with experience and customer services.  Your needs will not be compromised at our hands, and we are always willing to share honest insight to the embroidery, screen printing, and alterations, services we can offer you.

  • Our Charity

    At Sew Shore, we believe it is morally and ethically necessary to provide and support those in need.  In addition to providing what we feel is a moral obligation, we are sincere in our efforts to assist our community who has given us such tremendous support.  We feel our strongest impact in making the world a better place starts locally.  Our charitable contributions serve both Collier and Lee counties.  Our time, efforts, services, and monetary donations stay local.  We encourage charitable organizations to approach us for their needs.  Whether it’s clothing, embroidery and printing services, scholarships, discounts, or funds, we are here to help.

    The following list is an example of some of the groups we work with:
    Pink Heals of SWFL
    Bikes for Tykes
    Shelter for Abused Women
    Golden Gate High School
    Paws Assistance Dogs
    Hope for Haiti
    Collier Sheriff Youth Program
    Greater Naples Fire
    St. Matthews House & Justin’s Place
    Harry Chapin Food Bank

  • Jason MarshallPresident

    Born and raised in Naples, FL. Jason comes from a background in retail management and graphic design.  He has carved his path as an entrepreneur with several successful businesses under his belt, and shares a passion for sales, process, and customer service.

    “You must love what you do in order to create great work. I’m proud to be a part of a team that truly captures this spirit.”
    ~ Jason

  • Albert SalievVice President

    Albert Saliev carved his retail path in Moscow, Russia.  As a licensed M.D. he spent entire weekends shopping for lab jackets, a complete scrub set, and then embroidery needs.  He cultivated the idea of a one-stop-shop and opened his first retail store, “Russian Doctor”.  Albert now has a chain of 175 Russian Doctor retail locations in Eastern Europe, spanning 4 countries.  Upon moving his family to Brooklyn, NY in 2014, Albert opened his first U.S. based retail location.  Albert was introduced to Jason Marshall at a retail conference in New Orleans, where the two hit it off and created United Uniforms USA, Inc.

  • Rose MartinoStore Manager

    Hailing from Canton, MA. Rose Martino made her way down to Naples, FL. in 2004.  Rose is a proud mother of two with a background history in IT and a passion for embroidery.  As a determined “people pleaser”, Rose is best known for her customer service.  Rose has been in the embroidery industry since 2004 and has been a part of building acclaimed embroidery franchises, where she was instrumental in providing graphic design, embroidery, and printing services.  Rose is an integral part of Sew Shore’s public safety department, most notably for her work with the area’s Fire Departments.

  • Lori CarlsonStock Mgr.

    Lori Carlson joined the Sew Shore team in early 2016.  Lori’s attention to detail has earned her many hats to wear at Sew Shore.  Lori places all orders, manages shipping and receiving, and handles all of the in-house printing needs for Sew Shore.  Lori is an ocean lover, photographer, and active diver. Make sure you take a peek at Lori hanging out next to a giant tiger shark on your next tour of Sew Shore!

  • Kate O’ConnellProduction

    With over 30 years of experience in the embroidery industry, Kate provides our in-house custom digitizing and manages the timely work flow of our monogramming and custom embroidered logo services.  Kate manages an experienced team of assistants who work even faster when given chocolate.

  • Connie MyersAccounting

    Originally from Bloomington, IN. Connie Myers has operated as an accountant in the Screen Printing and Embroidery business since the late 90’s.  Connie assisted Sew Shore in updating their accounting process in the early 2000’s.  She came on board for Sew Shore in 2015 and helped the company navigate new financial territory as the company grew.  Connie has become a valuable asset to Sew Shore’s growth as she manages the company’s payables and receivables with precision.  Connie also operates holistic studio sessions in her off time.


Steve Sherman
Founder 1986 - Retired 2016