Code Happy Infinity Scrubs

Code Happy Infinity Scrubs

Working in hospitals and the medical field can often be a germ-ridden line of work. The day-to-day patient care provided by today’s nurses, doctors, and medical assistants place them in the direct line of fire for germs, bacteria, and all types of bodily fluids. Now close your eyes and imagine yourself wearing a uniform every single day in that type of environment! Did we just freak you out? Well, have no fear… bacteria fighting and fluid resistant scrubs are on the way to Sew Shore!


Cherokee has introduced 2 new lines of scrubs called “Infinity” and “Code Happy”. Our Cherokee rep, Leonard Carlson, stopped by Sew Shore to reveal the latest offerings from both lines, as well as provide an on site demonstration that we’ve recorded for you. Please take a moment to check out the video to understand why I’m pleased to announce that Sew Shore will strongly represent both lines! We expect to have Infinity landing in March and Code Happy pushed back until some time in the late summer (we are aiming for an August or September shipment).


Both lines feature, either one or both of the technologies that have been named, “Certainty” and “Certainty Plus”. Both Certainty and Certainty Plus scrubs offer antimicrobial fabrics that provide a new barrier against bacteria by infusing a chemical into the fabric that prevents contamination. Essentially, these scrubs will prevent the spread of MRSA, Staph infections, Salmonella and E. Coli, and much more. The Certainty Plus technology adds a fluid resistant line of defense for the scrubs. Any fluids that spill onto Certainty Plus fabrics simply bead up and roll off. The Code Happy line will be the only line to offer the Certainty Plus fluid barrier.


Our sales rep, Leonard Carlson, informed us that this is technology that has been in the works for five years with Cherokee. “Certainty’s antimicrobial’s polymer-containing silver technology delivers silver ions to fabric surfaces and activates them in the presence of undesirable bacteria. The patented silver technology turns ordinary scrubs into an invisible shield of safety. When unwanted bacteria come into contact with treated fabrics, silver ions are released and the bacteria are eliminated.” It’s pretty incredible stuff! Though the fabric has popped up in the medical uniform industry before, it has never been backed by such a large company with such a comprehensive line for both men and women in the medical fields.


After giving it much thought, we’ve decided to represent both lines with a very specific purpose in our retail store. We felt it would be easiest to simplify our customer’s understanding of “Certainty” and “Certainty Plus” technologies by only representing one feature in each line. The Infinity Line is only available with the anti-microbial “Certainty” technology. The Infinity scrubs will have a softer feel of a blended fabric. Although the Code Happy line is offered in either “Certainty” or “Certainty Plus”, we have decided to ONLY carry Code Happy with the Certainty Plus fluid barrier. Code Happy is the only brand to feature the Certainty Plus fluid barrier that is demonstrated in our video. The fabric and feel of Code Happy is not as soft of the Infinity line, however, it will still feel much like your day-to-day medical scrubs.


Our sales rep informed us, that both lines still held their antimicrobial properties after 50 washes. Some still tested 99.9% effective while some held 98.9% after 50 washes. 50 washes was average for that 1% drop, however, the scrubs are still quite effective for eliminating the spread of undesirable germs. The price difference between similar offerings by Cherokee will be $2-$3 more for Infinity scrubs with Certainty technology, and approximately $3-$4 more for Code Happy scrubs with Certainty Plus.


Considering that many hospital employees don’t go straight home after work due to errands or picking up children from day cares, we are excited to have a new layer of defense against the spread of germs in our daily routine of the everyday health care worker. We are confident in this product and we hope you’ll spread the word, as Sew Shore will be Naples retail destination for Infinity and Code Happy scrubs!  Both lines will also be available online (20% OFF!!!) at our sister site


To preview a PDF brochure of Infinity scrubs, click here  //  To preview the Infinity Scrubs catalog, click here

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UPDATE:  It has been announced that Cherokee & Dickies will make their top selling lab jackets available with Certainty or Certainty Plus fabric options.  For a preview of Dickies lab jackets featuring Certainty technology, click here.