Our Services

At Sew Shore, we pride ourselves in offering the best uniforms in the business. However, we also offer a number of other services as well that help you get more done for your organization and business. Established in 1986, Sew Shore is more than just an outfitter of uniforms, scrubs and apparel, we are a complete shop to help you with your promotional needs as well.

We understand that in your industry, setting yourself apart is vital towards building your own brand and displaying your services to the community. Whether you are a professional organization such as the police, run a hospital, operate a hotel or restaurant or any other business where having uniforms and the proper apparel is important, we back those with excellent support services that so many people in the Ft. Myers FL area and beyond trust.

What follows is a listing of our services to demonstrate everything that we do for you.

Uniforms Retailer

We offer the best, most complete line of uniforms in the greater Naples and Ft. Myers FL area. In fact, we work with many different businesses and organizations by providing high quality brands, colors, and style at low, affordable prices.

In fact, we provide uniforms for several different type of businesses and industries which include the following;

–        Service Industry: Bartenders, server, caretakers, waitstaff and corporate apparel

–        Chefwear Apparel: Chefs and kitchen staff

–        Medical Uniforms & Scrubs: Doctors, nurses and staff

–        Tactical Uniforms: County sheriff and police departments

We work with each organization to ensure that they get the best quality, service and price for the uniforms that they need.


We do all of our custom embroidery in-house since 1986. We provide you with a fantastic way to add a particular design, logo, or name to a uniform or apparel to make it unique to your particular business. A uniform in your business is not only identification, but a point of pride that many employees take seriously which boosts their identification in your business or organization while being very identifiable with the public as well.

In 1986, we started out as a very small operation with a few machines and today we are a fully automated embroidery shop. Sew Shore has over 30 automated machines that will fulfill your specific needs whether it is to place a name, design or logo on a particular uniform or item of your choosing. We meet all requests and deadlines as well which includes rush orders.

When you call in an order, we take the design you want or make one from scratch so that it fits the needs of your business or organization. The technology we have today allows us to quickly embroider a large number of uniforms to meet your specifications and deadlines. We ask you to call and find out just how our customized embroidery works for your needs.

Screen Printing

We offer a number of great screen printing services to help your employees and the people you work with identify with what you do. We create customizable T-shirts which is a great way to promote your business or organization at public events or meetings. Plus, our online catalog allows you to be very creative with what types of apparel you want to decorate, such as golf shirts, hoodies, V-neck, sweatshirts, ball caps and just about any type of clothing you want.

You can use our screen printing services to build up your team spirit with simple T-shirt prints or go fancy with a Tie Dyed Tee using a creative slogan. From collared shirts to virtually all types of apparel and fabrics, our screen printing services work for you.

Specialty Printing

We provide full service graphic design and digitizing in-house, meaning that we can design, create and complete any type of design that you need for your printing needs. Our specialty printing services include the following;

–        Dye Sublimation

–        Vinyl Transfers

–        Rhinestone Logos

–        Discharge printing

We can offer you a virtually unlimited palette for your imagination when it comes to our specialty printing services.

Promotional Products

Sew Shore offers a myriad of promotional products perfect for your business or organization. Promotional products are a wonderful way to market your services or simply make the public aware of your presence. They also help form a bridge to reaching out for police organization or simply promote your business to those who otherwise might not be aware of your services.

We offer stress balls, cups, mint packs, toys, lip balm and more inexpensive products that feature your company name and logo to make them instantly identifiable with your business. For a little more impact, we also offer a nice 20” duffle bag as well that can be emblazoned with your logo for maximum impact. Our inexpensive items make for great giveaways while more expensive ones can be sold or used as contest prizes if you desire.

Business Cards & Banners

Nothing establishes your reputation like having business cards to give to clients and customers. We have a number of different business cards that you can place your name, logo, contact information and anything else that fits comfortably on the card.

In addition, we can create large banners as well to announce your presence at public events or functions which help advertize what you are doing. You can use our banners in many different ways and they can be ordered to fit your specific needs.

Graphic Design

We have a graphic design ready and waiting for your order. We can work with you on creating any type of design that augments your business or organization. All you need to do is call and let our professional staff get to work on creating the right graphic design to meet your specific needs.

At Sew Shore, we offer all of these services because we understand that running a successful business or reaching out to the community if you run an organization means more than just having the right uniform. It means having the promotional services needed to get your name out into the public. Please call and talk to our friendly, courteous staff who will answer your questions and work with you all the way!