Embroidery brings a professional look to your logo, via depth, that is difficult to achieve in screen printing.  When you see your embroidered logo for the first time, we hope you’ll be genuinely impressed with our clean sewing and how the light reflects off of the colors of your logo’s details.

We guarantee you’ll be pleased with the way your logo looks embroidered. We are proud of our work and want you to be proud to wear your embroidered logo.

What Will Your Logo Look Like Embroidered?  Embroidery gives your logo a three dimensional perspective. Because that third dimension is achieved by using thread, sometimes adjustments are required to achieve the best results.

A standard embroidered logo is approximately 3.5” to 4” wide on the left chest of a shirt. The majority of our customers have standard size embroidered logos.  We do offer over sized embroidered logos, patches, and monograms.  Sometimes, our clients choose a unique embroidered location such as a collar, cuff, sleeve, or locker patch for various custom shirts.

Your setup will require your logo to be digitized. What is digitizing?  Digitizing is the process in which the stitch pattern for your logo is created via software.  Some monograms and names don’t require digitizing if a True Type font is used.  Our digitizing software and embroidery machines accept TrueType Font files (ttf).  Designing for embroidery is an art. It is called digitizing and, here at Sew Shore, that job is done in house by our skilled staff.  Poor digitizing leads to poor embroidery.

Digitizing and sew charges vary as they are both based on stitch counts (the amount of stitches required for embroidering your logo).  Heavy “fill” quickly increases a stitch count.  For example, an outlined circle will have fewer threads than a circle that is completely filled with color.

When placing your first order, your logo will be reviewed to make sure that it will translate well for embroidery. If your logo is not a standard size logo or if it has elements that would not translate, our logo specialists will contact you immediately. Your logo will then be digitized.

Your logo is digitized and approved, and your shirts have been selected, it’s now time to choose your thread colors.  Oftentimes, the color of the thread can make a significant difference on how your logo looks on different color products.

Once your thread colors are chosen, the garment is hooped,  and paper-like backings are often placed behind the garment.  This material helps stabilize the fabric and improves the clarity of the embroidery.  When the embroidery is finished, any excess backing material is trimmed from the edges on the back of the design, and the shirt is lightly pressed or streamed for completion.

We’re confident that our products, services, and staff will keep you (as a customer) for a long, long time. We look forward to a long-term relationship.  If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an e-mail or fill out an inquiry on our contact page.

Thanks for reading our post!

~ Sew Shore

Naples, Florida